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Review: Shaun the Sheep


Flock to the Seaside, Shaun the Sheep: Tales from Mossy Bottom Farm

Written by Martin Howard, Illustrated by Andy Janes

Published by Candlewick Entertainment (November 10, 2015)

Grade level: Kindergarten-3rd Grade

Available in paperback, Kindle, or Nook


Prepare to laugh—even if you’re an adult stealing a moment with your child or young friend’s book.

Shaun the sheep is every bit as mischievous and fun loving as the other sheep in his flock, so it’s not surprising when he follows his friends as they dodge responsibility and head for the seashore. But when Shaun realizes the possible consequences of skipping out on the sheepdog competition, he is faced with a tough decision. It’s the sort of decision every kid faces from day to day—one that is extra difficult when you know you may upset your friends.

In contrast with the many chapter books that feel a bit stifled as writers rein in their vocabulary and sentence structure to meet the needs of young, developing readers, Flock to the Seaside pulls us into the humorous world of Shaun the Sheep with a vivid and creative writing style. Martin exposes children to a rich array of vocabulary, helping them along with many familiar words while Janes’ pictures do the rest.

Together with Janes’ whimsical artwork, Martin’s clever storytelling reveals the crazy antics of these fun-loving sheep and the chaos that ensues. Each sheep seems to have some sort of quirk or fetish that adds to the silliness of it all, leaving the reader wondering if Shaun will ever get everyone back on track. It’s enough to make even a serious grown-up giggle.

The book also comes with several fun activities, and the Shaun the Sheep website is jam-packed with interactive opportunities for young readers. Children can get to know the characters by watching short clips, playing games, and creating drawings or crafts.

What do teachers, parents, and children think?

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